Hi there!  I was reading about corporations finally helping out families of those with ASD or “simply special needs”.  The following quote really hit home because it is our story all over the world.

“They were astonished to hear tale after tale of dramatic stressors in the lives of parents with children who have special needs.  Parents juggled dozens of medical and educational experts, doctors and teachers, perplexed family and friends, and puzzling parenting challenges every day.”

Awareness is the key to change.  I think about that every time I set up a Barbecue for Autism ON. Not only do the barbecues let the public know who to turn to when they get that life changing diagnosis of a loved one. But we bring awareness to the world  like Horton does in Dr. Seuss’ Book “Horton Hears Who” that: “we are here!” ,”We are here!” “We are here!”

The original article is attached to the following link. It is American in origin.  My hope Canadian industry is not far behind and we will all work towards “Neuro-Diversity” — because the world needs all of us.


Talk at you later — Share if you care!  Always — V’Ron

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Hi there! I am on Facebook under Veronica Aukema. Please feel free to check my Facebook page out. Although there is a lot of information provided about me there is a lot left out unstated. Between the lines -- you may gather upon a closer scrutiny that there is someone in my life who lives with Autism. Truth is there are two. John and I have three children and two of them live with Autism, and they are: a 20 year-old young man and a soon to be 18 year-old young woman. The original title of my lay press blog was going to be: "One Foot in 'Aspie' world -- and the other upon a banana peel." However since I also want to blog on health trends, faith and just plain 'what I learned the hard way', as well as -- autism issues "Straight Talk" was born. As I am a European Canadian and tend to be quite straight forward -- it kind of fits. Let the conversing begin. Always-- V'Ron

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