Hi there! This week the same Muslim community in Quebec who had 6 men massacred in their mosque earlier this year were in the news again. This time the news coverage was due to a referendum pertaining to zoning laws to bury their dead in their own “Muslin”cemetery. The zoning to make it “Muslim Only” was voted down.

The news coverage did get me wondering if the tragic event had been classified as an act of terrorism yet. Or even if the event had been claimed as the work of any main terrorist group. People were shot in the back while they prayed at their service. Truly awful.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was quick to call it a “Terrorist Attack” but apparently an outside party would have had to have some affect on the young murderer in question before they would charge Bissonnette, 27 with acts of terrorism.  Alexandre Bissonnette — according to  the Montreal Gazette — “was charged with six counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder using a restricted firearm.”


So what is Radicalization?

According to Huff post:

“A 2009 report by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) defines it as “the process by which individuals — usually young people — are introduced to an overtly ideological message and belief system that encourages movement from moderate, mainstream beliefs towards extreme views.” However, radicalization does not always lead to violence. As the RCMP notes, “a radical is a person who wishes to effect fundamental political, economic or social change, or change from the ground up.” That means the word “radical” should not necessarily be seen as a pejorative term.”

Just so you know — radicalization is now studied at the major universities.  In the Montreal Gazette they quoted a student who had studies in extreme right-wing radicalization at Université Laval.


How is it different from Terrorism?

When the radicalization erupts to the point of violence then it becomes terrorism.

According to the CBC news:

“Legal observers have speculated that ties to an organization are a necessary condition for laying terrorism-related charges, which Bissonnette is not facing, so far.”


According to a CTV new article terrorism the youth in Canada who are attracted to radicalization fall in one or more of the following four groups:

1) The mentally ill.

2) The “flavour of the month” extremist.

3) The religious zealot.* and,

4) The disgruntled youth.


To quote the Huff Post again: “Evidently, some groups reject the use of peaceful means to achieve their ideological objectives, and that is what separates them from other radicals.”


So we are living now in a different time where “Radicalization” happens as disquieted youth slowly go off the deep end. One person theorized in the Montreal Gazette article that:

“Bissonnette was radicalized on the Internet. Refugee advocates and community organizers have said he regularly trolled them with anti-immigrant and anti-feminist statements.” And, “They weren’t face-to-face (online) but the Internet provided a network for him. Terrorists don’t come out of nowhere.”

Heaven help us all.

Talk at you later!  Share if you care!  Always — V’ron

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