Hi there!  Today I came across T-Tapp in First for Women Magazine, Issue 7/31/17. The woman featured in the article went from 185 1bs at 5′ 1″ down to 110 pounds. T-Tap is a different way of exercising is coming up from out of the States which concentrates on increasing circulation, getting your body into alignment and using 5-7 muscles at a time for 15minutes 3 times a week.

I looked through all the videos and it looks like a great way of straightening out our thyroid problems for instance. Too many of us have thyroid problems because the organ is taxed by the chlorine in our drinking water, showers, and salads (which are gased with it) — and with not enough iodine in our diets to reboot the system we gain weight we can’t loose and we feel like we are operating in a fog with fatigue snapping at our proverbial heels. Ohh…. don’t get me started on this again.

Anyways T-Tapp is named after Teresa Tapp who is a “muscle activation specialist”.  It requires no gym equipment, is low impact and is outlined in videos and even books.  You do 8 reps of different specific movements and each movement impacts muscles at both their origin and ending points.  Once your get the movements down you incorporate them into normal life activity and you end up doing less organized reps while just getting stronger and fitter.

Because I’m both cheap and curious I have gone to the local library site in order to borrow one of her books to test it out to see if it will help with circulation, build bone density and purge toxins.  Free is a good way to see too if I will like it enough to pursue a change. The book I put on hold is called: Fit and fabulous in 15 minutes / Teresa Tapp with Barbara Smalley.

On FaceBook you can find about T-Tapp under: T-Tapp Workout.

The Home page is: https://www.t-tapp.com/

Check it out and weigh in!

Talk at you later! Share if you care! Always – V’Ron


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