Hi there!  Over coffee this week a friend and I were talking about the Nuclear Threat to the United States and subsequently to us in Canada.

In April, Justin Trudeau called the North Korean Nuclear program a “Fundamental Irresponsibility”.  A Global News Article quotes our Prime Minister as saying:

“I think we have seen over the past months, indeed years, a kind of irresponsible, dangerous actions by this rogue regime in North Korea is a danger not just to the immediate region but to the entire world.”


South Korea, Japan and the “Heart of the U.S.” have been the targets of recent threats. However, there are also growing concerns as the United Kingdom and Australia — also U.S. Allies — are now within the increased range of North Korea’s missiles.

As for us in Canada?

According to a Google Map selection I did just now there are merely 948 kilometres between the US White House in Washington, D.C. and our nearest Canadian Border Crossing in Sarnia, ON.  Almost 4 hours distance by air.  Got to tell you — we Canadians who live in South Western Ontario live too close for comfort.  Their pain will be our pain.

Confirming this two days ago Scott Bray, National Intelligence Manager for East Asia, ODNI, said the following to CNN about this week’s nuclear testing by North Korea:

“This test, and its impact on our assessments, highlight the threat that North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs pose to the United States, to our allies in the region, and to the whole world. The intelligence community is closely monitoring the expanding threat from North Korea.”


The bolding in the above quote is my own.  We Canadians are “the allies in the region”.  We are merely collateral damage to a “crazed” depot as U.S. Allies. Hmmm.

I hope President Trump is absolutely correct when he says they have missiles with the technology to intercept and destroy any nuclear missiles which are sent this way.

The comfort I have as a Christian is that I don’t believe this is the end of the world.  But I leave with you the following thought: Live as though each day is your last — and you will have lived your life well  — with no regrets.

Talk at you later — Share if you care!  Always — V’Ron

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