Hi there! Today my husband asked me to do a search on “aluminum, China and Autism”. He said his boss indicated that new scientific evidence has been discovered.  I found an article by  J.B. HANDLEY dated February 22, 2017 for which I have provided a link.  The author is a fellow parent of a child with autism.  He has summarized all the articles from the different countries and pulled the research together making it very understandable.

All these years I knew that there was a connection between the immunizations and the prevalence of autism and conditions like severe allergies, gastrointestinal issues, the increase of mental illnesses and behaviours such as ADHD.  Seems that the mercury derivative which has been implicated all these years was not the main culprit after all — but  the more neurotoxic form of aluminum used in immunizations.

This recent article I’ve found and am sharing not only goes through different scientific evidence from countries all over the world but also the final discovery from Chinese scientists which tied all the work together to show the causation of autism as well as many of the maladies of our time.

Here are some exerts from the article just to wet your whistle:

“But, that’s exactly what the science is showing us. Vaccines, administered early and often, are igniting immune activation event after immune activation event.”


“Is everything published and written here true? Could the explanation really be that simple? Did a rising number of vaccines containing the aluminum adjuvant trigger an autoimmune epidemic, of which autism is the most severe, but not only, manifestation? Does an epidemic of food allergies, ADHD, learning disabilities, eczema, and diabetes fall into the same realm of causation?”

and finally —

“Is there any hope of recovery for all these impacted children? Will removing aluminum, introducing ketones to the brain, repairing the gut, and supplementing with Vitamin D do anything to alleviate autism and other ailments in children who have already been damaged?”

The article offers a” to do list” to help our kids which is my favourite part as I want no part in the “blame game”:

  1. Get the aluminum adjuvant out of the body.
  2. Consider ketogenics
  3. Heal the Microbiome [My translation – the gastrointestinal flora]
  4. Vitamin D and,
  5. Selenium

My husband and I have worked on some of these very things over the years on and off again with our children.  People have commented on how well the children seem.  Now I consider that is not a coincidence and we will be more intentional.

I am also saddened by the article because as I read it I re-live the past far too easily as  I look at symptoms of the author’s son retreating into autism.  But the article makes sense and gives us hope for the future to curbing what has become an epidemic.

Finally, grab a cuppa, and hit the link:


Talk at you later — Share if you care! Always — V’Ron

Here is another link or two as well.



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