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I’m on a dog walk around the block yesterday and I notice a jury-rigged bell line coming out of a nearby bell tower. It is the only one.  It snakes up a tree and I follow it.  It is a growing curiosity – so the dog and I follow.  The bell wire jumps from tree to tree winking at me in the sunlight.  I think. ‘curious-er and curious-er. Has someone set up their house to receive free bell?’

I lose track of the wire blended now against the sky and retrace my last sighting and finally discover the bell wire ends up at a house.  It was wrapped around branches and finally wrapped around a tree branch ending up at someone’s roof.  ‘Wow I thought!  That is so blatant.’  When I returned home I go up to the office where my husband works from home and tell him what I discovered.  He assures me that it has been that way since winter.  He talked to a Bell repair guy about it, and he told my husband that a Bell representative “actually” did this as a repair.  No underground wire pushed through the ground like they used to offer.  In this case, they jury-rigged some jumbled wire they hung from tree to tree like growing vines.

Now my husband and I are customers with a Bell provider.  We like the package they offer and I am sure I am their “dream” customer as I have said to them, “When your customer service becomes as good as you sales team slick offers then I’ll make changes or add to our services. “  No not happening.  But I am looking forward to seeing if they make a different choice with that customer’s wire or if that is indicative of service to come.  I believe positive change is always possible.

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Hi there! I am on Facebook under Veronica Aukema. Please feel free to check my Facebook page out. Although there is a lot of information provided about me there is a lot left out unstated. Between the lines -- you may gather upon a closer scrutiny that there is someone in my life who lives with Autism. Truth is there are two. John and I have three children and two of them live with Autism, and they are: a 20 year-old young man and a soon to be 18 year-old young woman. The original title of my lay press blog was going to be: "One Foot in 'Aspie' world -- and the other upon a banana peel." However since I also want to blog on health trends, faith and just plain 'what I learned the hard way', as well as -- autism issues "Straight Talk" was born. As I am a European Canadian and tend to be quite straight forward -- it kind of fits. Let the conversing begin. Always-- V'Ron

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