Hi there!  Yesterday there was news that tested mosquitoes in Windsor ON confirmed positive with West Nile Virus.

Unfortunately as of September 11/17 there has been the death of two seniors attributed to the virus there.  Our condolences to the families.

What can we do?

“Windsor-Essex County Health Unit advises residents to eliminate any standing water around their property and to take “personal protective measures” to avoid getting bitten. They also suggest using bug repellent that has DEET, wearing light-coloured clothing, long-sleeved shirt, long pants and hat when outdoors as well as limiting the time you spend outside at dawn and dusk.”

Unfortunately, we can’t stop going outside.  You can eat well, get enough sleep, remain hydrated, and supplement with vitamins to keep your auto-immune system up.  80 per cent of people bitten with an infected mosquito can fight it off.  I would think seniors should take more care because many of them have compromised immune systems. Personally I would find some mosquito netting for over the baby strollers too if I lived in Windsor.   I would not stop going outside — but I would exercise some caution.

For more information: http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/two-people-in-windsor-ont-die-from-west-nile-virus-1.3585063

Talk at you later — Share if you care!  Always — V’Ron

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