Hi there!  So sorry its been a while.  I have had extra events to facilitate and only so much time — but until after Christmas I am in whirlwind mode.  Wish I could grab ‘extra time’ in the days I need it.

“Hootchi-Mama” is the nickname I call the mom or two in our neighbourhood who walk around with it all hanging out.  [You heard the term here first people.]  Since these public school moms have figured out that it is not against the law to go without tops they walk around bare chested wearing nothing but pants, shoes and a smile.  ‘Look at me!  Look at me!  I am wearing no top!’ I can hear their thoughts screaming…  Besides that thought my mind is blank at what they think they are gaining for us as women.  Do they think they are trend setters?  Are their kids embarrassed?  Maybe they wear less at home?  Who knows?

Now I have only personally seen the one “Hootchi-Mama” that had a young child in tow.  But people text me from time to time with sightings. Personally I would rather see hawks, finches, cardinals and road kill.  Anything else, really.  But to each their own.  Someone pursued the topless matter all the way to the supreme court and won.  No– really! Yippee for us and the wisdom of our courts!

Apparently the “Hootchi-Mamas” are not allowed half-nude on public property so they walk their child to the corner and not near the school.  I saw one in a see-through bra the other day and it was around 5 degrees.  I didn’t see her today and it was a high of 8.  What gives?  But she may have caught a chill from the other day.  Maybe a chest cold?

Anyways — I just wanted to put a word out of what is happening in South West Ontario because it is a mind-set that mystifies me — except for the odd woman I’ve met who works as an exotic dancer.  Just saying.

Talk at you later — Share if you care!

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