Hi there!  Since it is Good Friday today I thought I would write:

God used to walk about the Garden of Eve with Adam and Eve.  It must have been a mixed pleasure. You see God knew both the Garden and mankind were going to remain untainted for only a moment of time. A blink of His eye, really.

In order to give freedom of choice to his beloved mankind he had to allow for the anti-thesis of Himself to rebel against Him.  His choice thus had been for an arch-angel to rebel and become a vessel made for destruction — to allow for another choice for mankind — other then for mankind to just blindly follow God.

The Bright and Morning star — who was an archangel — led the rebellion in heaven. As a result Satan– the former archangel– and 1 third of the angels were kicked out of heaven with him. Satan and His Demons lost form and void and took up residence in the cosmos.

Then came the creation of the Earth and Heavens and God made every thing “really good” knowing full well that it would be tested very quickly because Satan and his minions took up immediate residence.

Satan was really angry with God at this point because he really never had a chance against God in heaven — but here on Earth he had a chance to really become God to mankind.  He especially hated mankind because they were made in the image of God.

However, Adam and Eve were literally ‘just made yesterday’ and had no real knowledge of Good and Evil.  They only had a relationship with God at this point. So Satan took advantage of their naivety to bring them doubt about God’s Goodness and help them to rebel against God —  as God knew he would.

Immediately, God and Man’s relationship became broken and all of creation was introduced to Death, Destruction and Decay.  But God already had a plan to help mankind overcome Evil and become once again in Right relationship to God.

Through out time Satan has tried to establish dominion over the Earth.  Sometimes it more obvious there is a stronghold of Evil holding the world prisoner locked into total Depravity.  But it is not the Truth.

Throughout the years mankind has really struggled.  They were not good enough by God’s perfect standards and kept making bad choices.   They were literally born into sin. They could receive forgiveness but the sin wrapped around them was ultimately a death trap since Death was the ultimate result of sin.

Loss of life or blood shed is the ultimate consequence of sin. Because Death will not be cheated because it is the judgment of sin — God made a way for mankind to meet the requirements of Judgment and be restored to Himself. His own blood was shed through Jesus — and all results of sin are thus permanently nullified through justice.

In other words, God did not lower His standards of Goodness to allow man forgiveness — but while we were still sinners — God sent His own son as Messiah– both fully God and fully man — to fill all the requirements of  the “blood shed” judgment against us for sin.  Through the shedding of God’s blood — in the form of a God-man –“once and for all” a right relationship with God is available for all mankind. Satan’s grip on Death for all mankind has been broken in a bold move from God — and a way has been made for mankind to be restored to Himself.

What do we need to do to escape the sin that would lead us to death?

All we have to do is accept on a personal basis what Jesus did for me on the cross at Good Friday.

What does that do for us? Because if we do accept Jesus’ death as a nullification of our sins personally, we also get to take part in Easter Monday morning as we become restored to God — through Jesus –along with experiencing the Resurrection power in our lives that allowed Jesus to arise from the dead.  Death no longer has a hold on mankind and we have an opportunity — on an individual basis — to be restored to God and that my friend, makes all the difference.

Sample Prayer:

Lord Jesus, please come into my life and be my Savior and Lord.  Please forgive my sins through your death in my place for my sins & thank you you for making it possible to be made right with God.  Please give me the gift of eternal life and fill me with Your Spirit that I may life rightly with You.  Amen.

In conclusion, God promised a Deliverer.  An ultimate pay-off of Evil for the Redemption of mankind. As His feet hit the garden path that day to meet up with Adam and Eve for their daily walk about — I believe His plan for Good Friday and Easter was already in motion.

Talk at you later — Share if you care! Always — V’Ron

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