Radicalization – Here in Canada

Hi there! This week the same Muslim community in Quebec who had 6 men massacred in their mosque earlier this year were in the news again. This time the news coverage was due to a referendum pertaining to zoning laws to bury their dead in their own “Muslin”cemetery. The zoning to...Read more

Fragile X and Autism

Hi there!  More and more I meet people in my day-to-day interactions that are struggling with children that live with various problems.  I sometimes think that there are just more children affected with severe conditions — while at other times I consider that it might be simply that it is...Read more

“Neurodiversity Friendly”

Hi there!  A friend and colleague — Thanks TZ — just sent an article my way which out-lined the changes coming to major corporations which are influencing other corporations throughout the world. U.S., Germany and other countries are putting in place the office systems required to be able to hire...Read more