“A place at the table” — A social paradigm

Hi there!  Recently our household went through adjustments as one of our young adult children had a relationship change from dating to “being just friends”. Having now lived through the adjustment — with those on the spectrum– I thought I might explain the adjustment with a social paradigm picture. A...Read more

Safety Alarm Rings loud and clear

Hi there!  Living in the big city and having vulnerable sector children I really appreciate items which will keep us all safe.  This alarm — though not a new thing is an awful tempting purchase.  Our kids help us walk our dog around the block, walk off buses after dark...Read more

The Best Thing!

Hi there!  What is the best thing?  Respect and having good boundaries. Benjamin Franklin once said, “The best thing to give to your enemy is forgiveness; to an opponent, tolerance; to a friend, your heart; to your child, a good example ; to a father, deference; to your mother, conduct...Read more

Prioritize and live as you will

Hi there!  Came across this quote yesterday and thought you would enjoy it.  Enough of us spend our time comparing our selves, what we own and somehow find ourselves wanting.  I thought this was like a breathe of fresh air.  I hope that you think so too.  Drum roll please….....Read more

Check your compass!

Hi there! There are natural breaks through the year which make us pause and evaluate. One such pause which calls for new beginnings is in January when we are fresh with hope that this year…This year we will finally do X.  Maybe its a new resolution or goal or maybe...Read more

NW London Coyote warning

Hi there!  I was at the vet earlier this week in Whitehills area of London where I was warned against letting my dog (yorkie mix) off leash due to the resident coyote population living in our ravine-water shed areas. A 50-60 lb dog which was off leash early in the...Read more

Buying Ladybugs!

Hi there!  I am super happy.  I went to local nursery to buy my ladybugs and they looked at me as if I had two heads for wanting to buy some.  My former nursery closed down and they suggested this other one. They obviously had no ladybugs. But after doing...Read more

Spider Mites on my Roses!

Hi there! This year I thought just clipping off the “webby” obviously infected buds would be enough to get rid of the mites and caterpillars bent on destroying my sea foam wall roses. But alas I looked at a branch and was able to look at a full grown spider...Read more

ODSP Application Process

Hi there! Since I was going to do Ontario Disability Support Program process once again for my second child with disabilities I thought I would throw up my a blog my process I go through just in case it helps someone else.  ODSP is an short form for the Ontario Disability...Read more