God’s plan for Good Friday

Hi there!  Since it is Good Friday today I thought I would write: God used to walk about the Garden of Eve with Adam and Eve.  It must have been a mixed pleasure. You see God knew both the Garden and mankind were going to remain untainted for only a...Read more


Hi there!  So sorry its been a while.  I have had extra events to facilitate and only so much time — but until after Christmas I am in whirlwind mode.  Wish I could grab ‘extra time’ in the days I need it. “Hootchi-Mama” is the nickname I call the mom...Read more

An Object Lesson in Paper Folding!

Hi there!  I haven’t been blogging for a while because October is Autism awareness month so I have been busy with our Autism ON local chapter helping with fundraisers. Anyways on Sunday while doing Sunday school a young gal in my class decided to make something folding a piece of...Read more

A Walk in the Ravine

Hi there!  On the weekend I went with my dog for a walk in the ravine.  I hadn’t been there since the beginning of summer and decided that I wanted to go before the colours all changed on the trees. I guess I wanted to see the last abundance of...Read more

Shoddy Workmanship

Hi there! I’m on a dog walk around the block yesterday and I notice a jury-rigged bell line coming out of a nearby bell tower. It is the only one.  It snakes up a tree and I follow it.  It is a growing curiosity – so the dog and I...Read more

North Korean Nuclear Threat

Hi there!  Over coffee this week a friend and I were talking about the Nuclear Threat to the United States and subsequently to us in Canada. In April, Justin Trudeau called the North Korean Nuclear program a “Fundamental Irresponsibility”.  A Global News Article quotes our Prime Minister as saying: “I...Read more

Weirdness Scale!

Hi there!  One thought — Have you noticed that what we take for reality definitely tops the entertainment industry hands down if they were to be compared on a comparative “weirdness” scale? I don’t know about you — but things are getting pretty weird. Stay faithful. Be a compass for...Read more

Happy 150th Canada!

Hi there! Happy Canada Day!  What a wonderful country we live in.  We have been watching celebrations around the country on CBC television and enjoying it all immensely. I especially enjoyed the Governor General’s message about ‘how we are not a perfect country — but we make a difference one...Read more

TVDSB teens make us proud!

Hi there!  The high school volunteer hours are at an all time high.  So much so that the computer programmers at the board have to increase the size of the number of hours completed field to provide for more than 1000 hours.  London and area high school teens.  You make...Read more

Check your compass!

Hi there! There are natural breaks through the year which make us pause and evaluate. One such pause which calls for new beginnings is in January when we are fresh with hope that this year…This year we will finally do X.  Maybe its a new resolution or goal or maybe...Read more