Safety Alarm Rings loud and clear

Hi there!  Living in the big city and having vulnerable sector children I really appreciate items which will keep us all safe.  This alarm — though not a new thing is an awful tempting purchase.  Our kids help us walk our dog around the block, walk off buses after dark...Read more

The Transformation Program; Part 6

Hi there! “Stop the show!” is the next part of the The Transformation Program by James Lehman. Once a behaviour that is not acceptable comes up it is ‘game over’.  The visit is ended, the shopping trip is over and the dinner is done. Stop the car, leave the mall...Read more

Step back, restate and problem-solve.

Hi there!  Today one of my teens came to me — to blame me that something that gone awry.  Reviewing it later I realized I had employed a good tactic that side-stepped a conversation that could have escalated.  It is a technique which works a potential blow-out into a problem-solving...Read more