Shoddy Workmanship

Hi there! I’m on a dog walk around the block yesterday and I notice a jury-rigged bell line coming out of a nearby bell tower. It is the only one.  It snakes up a tree and I follow it.  It is a growing curiosity – so the dog and I...Read more

“A place at the table” — A social paradigm

Hi there!  Recently our household went through adjustments as one of our young adult children had a relationship change from dating to “being just friends”. Having now lived through the adjustment — with those on the spectrum– I thought I might explain the adjustment with a social paradigm picture. A...Read more

Autism’s Missing Puzzle Piece

Hi there! Today my husband asked me to do a search on “aluminum, China and Autism”. He said his boss indicated that new scientific evidence has been discovered.  I found an article by  J.B. HANDLEY dated February 22, 2017 for which I have provided a link.  The author is a...Read more

Safety Alarm Rings loud and clear

Hi there!  Living in the big city and having vulnerable sector children I really appreciate items which will keep us all safe.  This alarm — though not a new thing is an awful tempting purchase.  Our kids help us walk our dog around the block, walk off buses after dark...Read more

North Korean Nuclear Threat

Hi there!  Over coffee this week a friend and I were talking about the Nuclear Threat to the United States and subsequently to us in Canada. In April, Justin Trudeau called the North Korean Nuclear program a “Fundamental Irresponsibility”.  A Global News Article quotes our Prime Minister as saying: “I...Read more

T-Tap New 15 minute workout routine

Hi there!  Today I came across T-Tapp in First for Women Magazine, Issue 7/31/17. The woman featured in the article went from 185 1bs at 5′ 1″ down to 110 pounds. T-Tap is a different way of exercising is coming up from out of the States which concentrates on increasing...Read more

Radicalization – Here in Canada

Hi there! This week the same Muslim community in Quebec who had 6 men massacred in their mosque earlier this year were in the news again. This time the news coverage was due to a referendum pertaining to zoning laws to bury their dead in their own “Muslin”cemetery. The zoning to...Read more

Fragile X and Autism

Hi there!  More and more I meet people in my day-to-day interactions that are struggling with children that live with various problems.  I sometimes think that there are just more children affected with severe conditions — while at other times I consider that it might be simply that it is...Read more

Industry noticing families struggling!

Hi there!  I was reading about corporations finally helping out families of those with ASD or “simply special needs”.  The following quote really hit home because it is our story all over the world. “They were astonished to hear tale after tale of dramatic stressors in the lives of parents...Read more